Life Time Fitness Agrees to $10-15 Million Class Action Settlement Over TCPA Violations

Life Time Fitness will pay $10-$15 million to consumers who received unsolicited, automated text messages in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

To put an end to a TCPA lawsuit, Life Time Fitness has agreed to pay up to $15 million to consumers who received automated text messages on their cellphones from January to April of 2014. Plaintiffs, on behalf of a class of nearly 600,000 persons, accused the company of sending out mass text messages that advertised special deals, packages, and offers. Life Time Fitness allegedly used software designed to send out massive amounts of text messages all at once.

Sending mass, automated text messages to individuals without their express written consent is a violation of the TCPA.

A point of contention in this case was whether certain customers had consented to have Life Time Fitness contact them. Beginning on October 16, 2013, companies had to obtain someone’s express written consent in order to send messages like this. Life Time contended that people whose phone numbers they obtained prior to this date could nevertheless be considered to have consented to being contacted.

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