Consumer Class Action

When many individuals suffer damages from a common wrong, our class action legal team steps in to obtain justice. We investigate cases in which consumers have been the victims of fraudulent or deceptive conduct, where consumers have purchased defective products, or where consumers’ privacy has been violated, such as with frequent and invasive robocalls or as a result of a major data breach. We are interested to hear from consumers across the country who have experienced any of these problems. Please contact us. We only charge a fee when we obtain money for our clients.

What Is A Class Action?
  • Class Action Verdict Against Prudential Securities. $262M
  • $75.5 Million from Capital One in Largest TCPA Settlement $75.5M
  • Nearly $40 Million in Cash for Recipients of HSBC Robocalls $40M
  • Bank of America Pays $32 Million $32M
  • $24.15 Million from Sallie Mae $24.15M
  • $20.35 Million ING Class Action $20.35M
  • $7 Million PNC Bank Wage-and-Hour Settlement $7M
  • Bank of the West Multi-Million Dollar Settlement $3.35M

Class Actions

A class action is a legal device that allows one person to sue on behalf of all persons who have experienced the same or similar misconduct at the hands of the same defendant. Class actions promote two principal goals: they provide a mechanism for prosecuting the claims of many persons whose injuries added together is significant, but which, individually, would not be large enough to justify the expense of bringing of individual lawsuits.

It also prevents the clogging of the court system by allowing the similar claims of thousands, or even millions, of individuals to be adjudicated in a single case. Because there is strength in numbers, a class action lawsuit is a powerful tool that individuals can use to enforce the law against large corporate firms and government entities.

Mass Actions

When many individuals have suffered physical and/or emotional injuries as a result of a defective drug or medical device, a “mass action” or a “mass tort” allows those individual lawsuits to be grouped together and, often, resolved in an orderly way. As with class actions, there is strength in numbers, and mass actions can hold drug companies and device manufacturers accountable for the way their product injure, or even kill, unsuspecting patients. An important difference between class and mass actions is that in a mass action, each injured person must file his or her own lawsuit.

Meyer Wilson helps consumers who have received unsolicited calls and/or text messages by fighting for their rights under the TCPA. If you have received automated calls or text messages to your phone, contact us today for more information.

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