Meyer Wilson Files Lawsuit in Deloitte Data Breach

Personal Information of Thousands of Individuals Have Been Exposed

On May 27, 2020, Meyer Wilson attorneys, along with their co-counsel, filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York against Deloitte Consulting in connection with their negligent exposure of the personal data of thousands of individuals in Ohio and across the country.

Ohio, along with other states, hired Deloitte Consulting to build and run a web portal to handle the emergency unemployment claims generated by the COVID-19 crisis under the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. As part of the application process, claimants had to provide personal information—name, address, social security number, and banking information—to state officials via the Deloitte-managed web portals.

The Deloitte portal went live on May 11, 2020. Only four days later, citizens discovered that a spreadsheet containing personal information was publicly accessible to anyone accessing the Deloitte web portal. This means that the sensitive information on thousands of vulnerable citizens was accessible to hackers, identity thieves, and other criminals. On May 20, 2020, Deloitte acknowledged the breach, but has not taken responsibility for its negligence and the harm inflicted on consumers.

The lawyers at Meyer Wilson, along with their co-counsel, seek to hold Deloitte accountable to the customers who were harmed. If you are an individual who used a Deloitte web portal to apply for unemployment benefits and suffered identity theft or other harms, please contact us for a free consultation.